Department of Labor: SkillUp PA is providing over 5,000 free online job training for Pennsylvanians


Harrisburg, Pa. - The Pa. Department of Labor is now offering Pennsylvanian's more opportunities in which to improve their skillsets.

Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development Sheila Ireland issued a reminder that over 5,000 free unique virtual training modules are now available through SkillUp PA, a virtual learning platform offered in partnership with Metrix Learning and PA CareerLink.

The program offers free online job training to help workers gain new skills and advance their careers.

“SkillUp PA will let Pennsylvanians in any corner of the commonwealth learn new skills online at no cost,” said Ireland.

“This new virtual job training program is a true win-win for Pennsylvanians who need to enter the workforce or advance their careers as well as the businesses who will get a new pipeline of the skilled workers they need to succeed," Ireland said.

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