US Wired For Education, LLC Releases Metrix Learning 2.0


Workforce Development's most complete eTraining Solution, now updated and enhanced, helps solve limited access and costly training problems in a 90-Day program delivered to One Stop Career Center customers online at anytime.

ALBANY, NY. -- US Wired for Education announced today that it has released version 2.0 of Metrix Learning, a powerful, Web-based, cost-effective eTraining service designed for delivery through State Departments of Labor and their Workforce Investment Board (WIB) One Stop Career Centers. The Metrix Learning system provides job seekers and dislocated workers with access to thousands of courses and learning objects designed to upgrade their skills and assist them in obtaining new ones.

This comprehensive online training system has given new direction and confidence to thousands of displaced workers in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey and will soon be launched in California, as well as other One Stop training and education centers across the country. As part of it's national rollout effort, Metrix Learning will be available free to recent Veterans and their families.

Where conventional training solutions are costly and require learners to travel or meet specific time schedules that can conflict with work and life priorities, Metrix Learning is delivered online, anytime and anywhere an Internet connected computer is available. Career Centers are not limited by the availability of scarce training funds and can use Metrix Learning to train or upgrade the skills of 3,000 customers where an Individual Training Account (ITA) budget would have trained just 100. The Metrix Learning solution can be quickly setup for each One-Stop and rolled out to customers within days, making this a cost effective and timely solution that can have immediate impact on today's beleaguered job seekers.

New in Metrix Learning 2.0:

  • New Design: attractive new interface provides easier access and improved opportunities for effective online training
  • Usability: redesigned layout provides easier navigation and streamlined access to learning objects
  • Getting Started: Guided instructions for new users and quick access to each step in the online training process
  • Certification Tracks: dedicated section for accessing professional certifications and skill tracks
  • Enhanced Tutorials: new Tutorials provide precise instructions for customers, through each step of the learning process

A Metrix Learning license allows a single customer access to thousands of online courses for a period of 90 days. The Metrix Learning course library contains thousands of desktop computing, business, information technology and health-related topics from industry leading providers SkillSoft and Medcom/Trainex with the option of including hundreds of Prove-It! skill assessments from Kenexa.

CEO Brian Lee stated "with the main goal of providing an improved experience that allows One-Stop Career Centers to provide their customers with a system that increases customer skills more rapidly, providing results within 90 days, we believe Metrix 2.0 hits the mark."

"Metrix Learning has proven to be the most comprehensive and cost effective approach to expanding intensive, skill upgrading and training services to One Stop customers, eTraining is a great, option for providing the flexibility and complete menu of services job seekers need" stated Employment & Training Institute's (ETI) Ken Ryan, a U.S. Wired for Education partner. ETI provides Metrix Learning as a managed service to its Workforce Development customers.

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For more information contact Brian Lee by phone or email: 518.462.1780 or [email protected]

About METRIX Learning:

METRIX Learning, a training solution of US Wired for Education, LLC, is dedicated to the development of a well-trained workforce. Clients nationwide have benefited from the strength of the firm s experience, technology, and the collective knowledge of its staff. Metrix Learning brings value to Workforce Development organizations by providing an online solution that's available at work, home and on the road 24/7 as well as the most cost-and time-effective training anywhere. Metrix Learning can be customized and is measurable through assessment and online reporting.

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