‘Skillup®’ Program Available Again this Summer


“SkillUp® Oswego County 2” provides access to the Metrix® E- Learning System courses that teach skills local employers are looking for in a variety of fields.

From May 1 to July 31, Oswego County residents will be able to access the Metrix® online learning center to upgrade existing skills or learn new skills to improve their employment opportunities.

The site can be accessed at oswego.skillupamerica.org.

“The ‘SkillUp® Oswego County’ initiative is a great way for people to expand their knowledge and abilities in areas that appeal to employers in the current job market,” said Legislator Roy Reehil, District 5, chairman of the County Legislature’s Human Services Committee and chairman of the Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force. Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force. “Whether they are unemployed or underemployed, people who use this learning system can earn certificates to verify their skill sets to current or potential employers.”

The initiative provides a free license to the SkillSoft program.

The license is valid for six-months or 180 days.

The program catalog of moe than 5,500 courses includes topics such as business, information technology, manufacturing, retail, finance, and more.

More than 600 county residents took advantage of the opportunity to sign up for a free account through the “SkillUp® Oswego County” initiative launched in 2017.

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