Metrix Learning
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A Broad Array of Courses

Metrix course offerings consist of a broad array of subject areas for business education, including IT, desktop computing, Project Management, Accounting and Human Resources. New York Wired also provides an extensive curriculum of healthcare training courses and both self-assessment and Objective Assessments.

Rapid technological change, increased global competition, deteriorating economic conditions and sustained high unemployment have driven the need for a more skilled and prepared workforce. This changing workforce must have the ability to adapt to changing technologies and shifting demand to meet the challenges of 21st Century labor markets.

In this new economy, skills, training, continuous education, and workforce preparation are key factors in maintaining a competitive edge.

Through the Metrix Learning platform we offer a fairly expansive array of subject areas for unemployed and dislocated workers. Courses offered are primarily IT, desktop computing, project management and HR. New York Wired also provides an extensive curriculum of medical/healthcare training and self-assessments and objective assessments.

A METRIX Learning license allows a single user access to over 5,000 courses for a period of 90 days, 24 hours a day from any computer with an internet connection. Course library contains thousands of desktop computing, business, information technology and health-related topics from industry leading providers