SkillUpAmerica® Initiative

Nationally low unemployment has made it increasingly difficult for employers to find skilled workers. NYW's SkillUpAmerica® initiative leverages the Metrix Learning® system to prepare more jobseekers within a community for local employment opportunities.

Under SkillUpAmerica®, local libraries, CBOs, and other organizations are trained by NYW on how to market and manage a Metrix Learning® program, at no additional cost! The more organizations participating, the more jobseekers updating their skills in your community.

For employers

SkillUpAmerica® includes resources for your business services team and/or regional chamber of commerce. The employer survey and integrated candidate-matching tools can help you identify and address the greatest hiring and training challenges facing employers in your area.

Features & Highlights:

  • Unlimited Metrix Learning® licenses for all unemployed or underemployed residents
  • Customized, user-friendly virtual portal
  • All Metrix Learning® System features
  • Available 24/7 to accommodate any schedule
  • No traveling or tuition fees
  • Configurable in any foreign language
  • Virtual &/or onsite training for staff and community partners

Jobseeker Resources

  • Assessments
  • 4,500 E-learning courses
  • 10 Industry Pathways
  • 100+ certification tracks
  • Course certificates and digital badges
  • Job Search Tools

Employer Resources

  • Employer Survey
  • Job candidate Screening
  • Recruit from talent database
  • Employee training & certifications (additional fee)

Best Practices